Angelova Pilates

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Stella Angelova is a BASI Certified Comprehensive apparatus Pilates instructor


As a world champion rhyhmic gymnast, dancer and a stunt woman, I was looking for a form of exercise that will tone and strengthen my body. I discovered Pilates when I was searching for a way to treat an old gymnastics back injury. The method worked, so I decided to get certified and apply it regularly for strenghthening, rehabilitation, core power or just to keep in shape. Since getting certified through BASI, I have seen amazing transformation in my body. I have a small Private clientele in Los Angeles that I work with. The change in my clients bodies (both women & men) have been extraordinary.  

~“Pilates was a natural progression for me, after many years of ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and dance. As an athlete and a stunt woman, Intergrading Pilates into my workouts has made such difference to my body and how I recover from work injuries. It’s the only form of low impact exercise that gives amazing results that you can see and feel. I try to give my clients the knowledge I have aquired over the years and help guide them through the Pilates experience.”

                                                                                                                           ~ Stella Angelova