Whether it’s kicking ass with martial arts and weapons on film,  flying with an aerial apparatus, acting on camera, choreographing for pop music’s biggest  stars, Stella Angelova is an amazing, multi-talented asset to the Entertainment Industry.

She continues to lead a fulfilling career as an actor, dance and stage choreographer and a professional stunt woman.  She has appeared in over 30 national commercials, music videos, films, television shows and toured all over the world with top recording artists.

Born in Bulgaria, Stella began her Rhythmic Gymnastic training and competitive career at the age of 4 with the legendary trainer and coach, Efrosina Anguelova, who is in fact her mother. Stella was invited to join the Bulgarian National Gymnastics Team in Sofia by the age of 8, and began a very successful career in rhythmic gymnastics. By the age of 16, she had become a veteran in the sport. Having won over 265 Medals, 6 National Championships, Europe and World Championships, Stella decided to retire from gymnastics at the age of 16.

Moving to America at the age of 17, Stella was asked to coach and choreograph for the USAG. Over the years she has established herself as an original choreographer with impeccable style & technique and continues to  work internationally for some of the best in the world of competitive rhythmic gymnastics. Her love for the arts prompted her to audition for Film & TV projects as well. Her training in gymnastics, martial arts, dance & all form of movement had opened the door to amazing opportunities. She has worked with Madonna, Prince and has toured the world with Ricky Martin. When director James Cameron was looking for movement specialist to work on the biggest grossing movie to date – AVATAR – Stella was one of the first to be hired as a movement/CGI/stunt actor. Besides all her physical abilities, Stella’s interest in Fashion has evolved into a passion. She has designed her own line of clothing called – Angelova Couture, and is developing and expanding the brand. Currently Stella has been busy producing short films and reality based programing to be coming soon to your TV’s.  Stay tuned…