Super Slow Motion – Sword

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This video of Stella Angelova tricking in Slow Motion, has over 6 Million hits on YouTube and has been featured in countless “People Are Amazing” videos. Stella Angelova filmed this for a Promo spot for IDT camera. At a normal speed, this is under 4 seconds long.

Me & I – Short Film

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Me & I Starring Stella Angelova Stunt Coordinator/Fight Choreographer – ilram Choi DP – Van De Lyes Produced by Stella Angelova Original Music by Waldo Madeira & Rico Baird  

Bloopers: Making of Dirty RG

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This is a Behind the Scenes look into how the very popular Dirty RG short film was made. WARNING for those of you who don’t like “Bad Words” – you might want to mute this. Everyone else, … enjoy!  

Dirty RG

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Dirty RG – Stands for Dirty Rhythmic Gymnastics This was Directed & Edited by Stella Angelova. The entire project was improvised on spot. 

What Is Rhythmic Gymnastics

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History of the Sport Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport in which individual gymnast or Group of 5 gymnasts perform with pieces of apparatus such as: Clubs, Hoop, Ball, Ribbon, Rope and Freehand (no apparatus). An individual athlete only performs with 1 apparatus at a time. When multiple gymnasts are performing a routine together a maximum of two types of …

Angelova RG

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ANGELOVA RG stands for Angelova Rhythmic Gymnastics.   Efrossina Angelova & Stella Angelova – mother and daughter talented specialists in the World of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Both have made names for themselves separately and internationally as strict coaches and creative choreographers. Efrossina Angelova – a legend in the world of rhythmic gymnastics, has had an amazing career going back to the …

GAP – A GoGo Commercial

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GAP Commercial campaign featuring some of the best dancers in the Biz. Stella Angelova, Kevin Stay, Brian Friedman , Moon Bloodgood, Diane Mizota, Nancy Anderson, Bubba Carr. Spot choreographed by Marguerite Derricks.     

Fruit of The Loom Commercial feat. Stella Angelova

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Fruit Of The Loom Commercial (by The Richards Group) featuring rhythmic gymnast: Stella Angelova & Emilly Levingson Director: Gerard de Thame music group : Wojan Brothers This was a very large casting call that lasted almost 2 months. People flew in from over seas to attend this call. Every performer was hired individually and the choreography was put together over …