GAP – A GoGo Commercial

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GAP Commercial campaign featuring some of the best dancers in the Biz. Stella Angelova, Kevin Stay, Brian Friedman , Moon Bloodgood, Diane Mizota, Nancy Anderson, Bubba Carr. Spot choreographed by Marguerite Derricks.     

Fruit of The Loom Commercial feat. Stella Angelova

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Fruit Of The Loom Commercial (by The Richards Group) featuring rhythmic gymnast: Stella Angelova & Emilly Levingson Director: Gerard de Thame music group : Wojan Brothers This was a very large casting call that lasted almost 2 months. People flew in from over seas to attend this call. Every performer was hired individually and the choreography was put together over …

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Ricky Martin La Vida Loca Tour

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Some of the most amazing moments in my life has been with this group of people! It is impossible to duplicate what we had on the La Vida Loca Tour! Went around the world, while doing what I loved, with some of the most talented group of dancers that could be put together! Dancers: Stella Angelova, Carmit Bachar, Nicole Pantenburg, …